ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price10x Price
NEW! LPG Endermological massage (whole body trimming anti-cellulite treatment). LPG INTEGRAL apparatus40-45 min36 €5x 171 €10x 329 €
NEW! LPG Lipomassage (used for body contouring in problematic areas, or post-pregnancy) WOMEN’S FAVOURITE! LPG INTEGRAL apparatus40-45 min36 €5x 171 €10x 329 €
LPG Integral GOLD PACKAGE (35€ gift – SuperDren cellulite-reducing cryogel Anne&Stiil BEAUTY FAVOURITE 2016)15x 428 €
LPG Integral DIMOND PACKAGE (74€ gift – SuperDren cellulite-reducing cryogel Anne&Stiil BEATY FAVOURITE 2016 and SuperDren fat cells breaking ampules Beauty Guru’s Favourite 2016)20X 558 €
New! LPG and 4D Cryolypolysis (1x area of body)40+60 min.188 €/ Introductory price 130 €3x 474 €/ Introductory price 352 €5x 890 €/ Introductory price 590 €
New! LPG and 4D Cryolypolysis (2x areas of body)40+120 min.299 €/Introductory price 209 €3×689 €/ Introductory price 489 €5x 1050 €/ Introductory price 725 €

LPG COSTUME (reusable) 10 € 


ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price10x Price
CELLUSLIM – effective high technology for larger fat deposits!40 min.59 €269 €499 €


ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price10x Price
Cavitation, i.e. an alternative to beauty surgery (fat and cellulite treatment by non-invasive method)40 min.36 €166 €299 €
Cavitation 20 min. and Vacuumshape 20 min. (SUPER-EFFECTIVE LIPOSUCTION, suitable for fast-paced people!)40-45 min.42 €199 €390 €


ProcedureLengthPrice3x Price
COLDLIPO60 min.99 €445 €


ProcedureLengthPrice3x Price
NEW! 2017 4D Cryolipolysis – the newest fat deposit reduction by freezing! (superb results in the stomach, hips, thighs, arms, back and buttocks areas). Scientifically proven!60 min.159 €/ Discount 99€399 €/ Discount 259€
New! 4D Cryolipolisis (2x body areas 2h)120 min.279 €/ Discount 179€599 €/ Discount 399€


ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price10x Price
6 in 1 FatTherapy – Fat accumulations disappear and cellulite decreases! Ultra-effective for inner and outer thighs, pendulous abdomen!40-45 min.65 €289 €489 €


ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price10x Price
Stomach40 min.49 €199 €382 €
Thighs40 min.49 €199 €382 €
Thighs, buttocks and stomach (best slimming results!)80 min.79 €355 €625 €


ProcedureLengthPrice3x Price5x Price
Laser Lipo Treatment, i.e. liposuction (treatment and care for fat cells and cellulite)40 min.49 €175 €361 €


ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price10x Price
Excellent chance to get rid of 3-6 excess centimetres of body circumference before a memorable occasion.2 h79 €


ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price10x Price
Skinclinic Intensive Tightening and Face-Lifting Face Care – Intensive skin-cells regenerating, tightening, lifting and smoothing treatment for ageing faded face skin.50 min.69 €299 €
Skinclinic Intensive Anti-Ageing Deep-Moisturizing Face Care with Peptides - Anti-ageing deep-moisturizing treatment with peptides. Deeply moisturises, regenerates the skin cells and reduces wrinkles.50 min.79 €349 €
Re-Generation GF Face Contouring and Recovery – Luxurious deep care with cell-growth factors for ageing, slack skin, tightening wrinkles, revitalising and wrinkle decreasing.90 min.79 €345 €
NEW! Anti-ageing FACE LIFTING 80 min.80 min.59 €255 €/ Discount 219€479 € / Discount 389€
LPG regeneration of the facial skin, i.e. LiftMassage – face, neck and decolette (correction and treatment of wrinkles and face skin)40-45 min.36 €171 €329 €
New! Renew Extreme FaceLift – promotes the renewal of the ageing or sun-damaged photoaging skin. The procedure smoothes, reduces wrinkles and flattens the rough skin.45-50 min.49 €199 €
New! Pearls Gold - “Going out”– repairs the skin structure, skin firmness, complexion, face contour and makes the skin smoother and more elastic than ever. The result is the smooth skin, brighter and even complexion.75-80 min.55 €249 €
New! Almond acid peeling+PHA– smoothes and improves the skin structure and epidermis. Almond acid renews, refreshes and effectively moisturises facial skin. Especially good for the sensitive and easily irritated skin. Effectively improves the skin structure by stimulating regeneration of the skin cells.50-55 min.39 €179 €
New! Sapphire Peeling – an alternative to microabrasion skin care45-55 min.41 €179 €
New! Magic Touch Eye Care. Magic Touch corrects the main eye contour problems such as small lines, oedema and dark eye circles.-39 €
NEW! The ultrasonic facial with ion and photon therapy – deep-cleansing and moisturizing, also suitable for treatment of acne.50 / 80 min.45 €/59 €209 €/269 €
NEW! CoolPeel is the innovative solution for the blemish-prone, dirty and lax skin. It activates the skin growth factors, resulting in healthier and smoother skin. Especially noticing results are evident in problematic skin, pigmentation changes and alleviation of wrinkles.50 min.55 €6x 275 €
Acne treatment – Deep-Cleansing Treatment for Acne-Prone Skin50 min.39 €5x 169 €
Scar on the face or body (with sizes: 5×5 cm)30 min.55 €

NEW! DERMAPEN Micro-Needle Facial Treatment

ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price10x Price
The most effective micro-needling for reducing wrinkles, face lifting, renewal and smoothing of the skin. Improves and tightens slack ageing and rough skin. A choice of hyaluronic acid and collagen cocktails is available.80 min.159 € / Introductory price 119 €3x course 419 € / Special offer! 4x course 399 €
Micro-needle treatment – Regeneration of Skin Cells and Deep Moisturising – regenerates and moisturises the skin cells in the deepest skin layers.80 min.169 €3x course 439 €
Micro-needle treatment – Intensive Anti-Ageing Care with Peptides – Decreases wrinkles, moisturises and regenerates the skin cells. Stimulates synthesis of collagen.80 min.169 €3x course 439 €
Micro-needle treatment – Non-invasive FaceLift – The intensely tightening and lifting facial. Regenerates the skin cells and stimulates synthesis of collagen.80 min.179 €3x course 439 €

Treatment of Pigmentation Spots

ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price
Treatment of pigmentation spots – Skinclinic Micro-Needle Depigmentation targets at decreasing of pigmentation spots. Decreases the existing spots, prevents and restricts their appearance. Promotes synthesis of collagen and regeneration of the skin cells.80 min.179 €3x course 419 € / Special offer! 4x course 399 €


Upper lip 38 €
Neck – front or back side 55 €
Jaw line55 €
Cheeks 55 €
Ears 35 €
Nose 35 €
Forehead 70 €
Eyebrows 70 €
Armpits 75 €
Breasts (the area of nipples)55 €
Decolette65 €
Pubic area 150 €
Bikini 75 €
Full bikini (Brazilian) 145 € +
Deep bikini 100 €
Stomach line 55 €
Belly button 35 €
Back 200 € +
Arms 140 €
Elbows 125 €
Legs 140 €
Thighs 180 €
Knees 55 €
Wrist and thumb area 35 €
Fingers and toes 35 €
Buttocks170 € +


ProcedureLengthPrice5x Price
Scalp treatment for hair40 min.69 €299 €


Lymphatic massage50 min.36 €
Classical massage50 min.35 €
Foot sole zone therapy 50 min.35 €
Aroma massage50 min.36 €


Personal nutrition plan35 €

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