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5X  PACKAGE 289 €

As a GIFT:

1x VACUUMSHAPE (cellulite-reducing and skin-trimming)
2x FATTHERAPY (burns fat, tightens, trims and reduces cellulite)
(179 € in value)

SPECIAL OFFER 8x procedure for 289 € only (regular price 468 €)

Offer is valid until 20.08.2017

In cooperation with professional specialists we have elaborated a super-effective size and cellulite-reducing, skin-trimming program “SUMMER BEACH SHAPE”.

Get rid of 3-16 excess centimetres of circumference (depending on your organism, of course!)

Slimming program “SUMMER BEACH SHAPE”

 4x CelluSlim (double-effect of non-surgical liposuction and infrared laser system)
3x FatTherapy (burns fat, tightens, trims and reduces cellulite)
2x LPG Integral (reduces cellulite, tightens and trims the skin)
2x Vacuumshape (cellulite-reducing, trimming slack skin and tightening cellulite treatment)
2x Laser Liposuction (cold laser system for adipose tissue reduction)

13x procedures with super price 399 € included (regular price 687 €)

SPECIAL OFFER – new LPG cellulite treatment!

 GOLD PACKAGE – 15x LPG Integral for cellulite treatment and skin trimming – 428 € (35€ gift SuperDren cellulite-reducing cryogel Anne&Stiil BEAUTY FAVOURITE 2016).

DIAMOND PACKAGE – 20x LPG Integral for cellulite treatment and skin trimming –  558 € (74€ gift SuperDren cellulite-reducing cryogel  Anne&Stiil BEAUTY FAVOURITE 2016 and SuperDren fat cells breaking ampules Beauty Guru’s Favourite 2016

NEW! 4D CRYOLIPOLYSIS – breaking fat cells with FREEZING!

NB! Scientifically proven results!


1h 159 € / discount  –99 €
2h (two zones) 179 € (regular price 279 €)

3x 1h course 259 € (regular price 399 €) / 3x course 2h 399 € (regular price 599 €)
5x 1 h course 399 € (regular price 699 €) / 5x course 2h 590 € (regular price 990 €)

Most effective DERMAPEN Face Skin Regeneration – now in Estonia!

tightens, trims and regenerates the facial skin
smoothes and reduces wrinkles
reduces pores, acne, scars and pigmentation spots

1x session 119 € (regular price 159 €)

Super offer! 4x sessions 399 € (regular price 499 €)


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